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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
You can't trade on conditionals. Only using what's there.

Now, ask yourself what will happen with the Flyers this year.

Also, let's ask ourselves this:

Subban for Couturier and a 1st. This means we have a NHL-ready big centre who proved more than Eller at this point. He could even potentially take over Plekanek's duties in case of injuries.

This means Galchenyuk could easily be sent back down in the Juniors, we can afford to trade Eller, DD or Plekanek to a team who could send us a solid D.

I love Subban. He's the 1st player whose name I ever put on a jersey. But picturing Galchenyuk/Couturier as our top 2 centres in the mid-long future... well, you gotta admit, that's sexy.
I never said to trade on "conditionals" but i highly doubt that MB is going to trade Subban right now if he is going to trade him at all. He will mostly likely wait to see how the season plays out a bit before doing anything rash, and you would get way more for him later in the season when teams are more desperate from injuries and unexpected situations . Really I simply was stating that Couterier plus the Flyers 1st (being something in the mid 20's as I dont really believe that they are going to be a bad team all year) isnt really an attractive deal for Subban ... at least not to me as I dont realy see the hype for Couturier.

...and more so I was just making a jab at the Flyers start to this year lol

But while what you proposed next (trading one of our current centers away for a top d man) could very well work out in the future.. I tend to believe that thats alot of uncertainty to trade Subban away on. we would have Couturier who might work out to be better or worse than he his right now.. still too early to tell exactly where his potential will settle and thus a big gamble. we would then propbaly have to trade away Plecks to get a good d man in return .. and thats would mean we would have to gamble on another trade to even make the first deal worth it.. we would also be gambling on a low first round pick to work out as well. really, we already know what we have in Subban and Plecks.. and its pretty damn awesome if you ask me.. so its like the old saying goes the devil you know is better than the devil you dont.

and lastly the only really sexy thing about Gally and Couturier as our 1st and 2nd centers is having Gally as our 1st ... Imho.

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