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Originally Posted by The Beyonder View Post
1. Just because you have a brother on the opposition doesn't safeguard you from the opposition players... that code is BS and doesn't exists
2. Cowen went after Dion, not the other way around
3. This Hartnell we're talking about....friggin Hartnell, the guy who actually went after Dion and has had constant verbal and physical altercation with Dion before.
4. That one is beyond friggin ridiculous.
I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. These are just a few examples of Dion's questionable character - there are many others: Including not honoring former Captain Mats Sundin. Of not accepting any responsibility for last seasons collapse - while others fell on their own swords. It goes on and on.

But just so I'm clear here are some things that are ok for the Captain of a team to do.

1. Pick a fight with your teammates 18 year old little brother - check
2. Shy away from fighting 99% of guys that call you out - but Fight Rookies - in their first professional Hockey games - Check
3. If you are going to fight someone thats not a rookie - make sure you do it after they score a goal that you're responsible for allowing - and do it mid celebration: check
4. On the PP - or anytime for that matter - AIM HIGH - if your own players get hit in the head - so be it. If another player on a different team looses an eye and ends their career so be it. Chances are 90% of the times its just going to go wide and end up 200 feet down the ice. Check

Glad we're on the same page for future consideration

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