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01-25-2013, 04:14 PM
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This is my favorite - make rosters I'd be a great manager
Well, let's think.
We have Malkin. He is the best at the moment in the world. If you put two wooden barrels with him - barrels might struggle for PPG. This is first.
We need at least 3 lines to be real contenders, cause Swe and Can will have brilliant teams too and Chez and Finns are not bad at all as well. This is second.
Malkin had great time playing with Kulemin and Kulemin stepped up as well. This is third. They complimented each other well - speed, power defencive forvard with decent offencive abilities and The Best Center Who-Can-Do-Anything. They just need the third - The Sniper. They had it in Mozyakin, but I guess we have now (and I believe - we will in 2014) some better option, and I'm sure you already know whom am I talking about Yes, it's Tarasenko
The second undoubtful center is, certainly, Datsuk. Just as with Malkin almost everybody will look good with him, but we have one guy, that desperately need the great center and, on the other hand, who should be in the roster. It's Ovechkin. Whom will they play with better? I think that Semin will come back to his high level. He has better chemistry with Ovi than anybody, Ovi played with last years, he needs great center as well, and both of them need some guy who can take defence responsibilities. And this line proved to be effective at Worlds.
Then we have two nessesery options, who doesn't need any center at all one of them can play center himself and both are great snipers as well as nice passers. They'er Kovalchuk and Radulov. Put them with decent def forvard with decent passing abilities and decent scoring abilities - and here it is the third line with Anisimov as a center.
The fourth line is quite a problem to me, cause we don't have players of the same caliber as in the first three lines. It's evident to me, that Tereshenko should be there, as the best def center of what is left. I don't want to drop Kuznetsov, and I'm shure we will need one def center more, so I'll take Burmistrov as back up forvard. After this, we have left winger options vacant. I'd give it to another center, or to some def forvard. Shipachev looked not bed last months, so let it be him. And this line can transforms into def variant such as Ship - Teresh - Burmi, or, more offence - Ship - Teresh - Kuzya. Or Kuzya might change Semin or Radulov or Tarasenko if smth goes wrong. And Kovy - Rady may change with Kuly - Taras. So, I guess, it's fixed
As for D, we have the main problem here, as we just don't have enough depth in it.
To tell you the truth, we have only one top class D ATM, and he is injury prone. About it, I doubt that Nikitin and Volchenkov will be helpful at big rinks and I don't trust Tutin. Voynov and Orlov are too young to me. So, we have one ready pair Markov - Emelin where we have top offencive D-man and very good defencive D-man, Nikulin - Kulikov, where we have two decent two-ways D-men... and I don't know who else Medvedev - Birukov, probably, but the third pair will be the problem - we desperately need some guys to step up this year, or we might be in trouble in Sochi! As for 7-th guy - I'd take Gonchar. Yes, he is past his prime, yes, he is aged, but he still the best offenceive D-man except Markov we have and we need one to take PP desperately.
As for goalies - it's ok, thanks God. Varlamov/Barulin/Biryukov/Bryzgalov/Koshechkin all look confident and not bad.
So. Not a prediction but MY roster (I'm sure Bill will do it his way, I know he will take Zerdev somethere and won't take Tarasenko, but we'll see):

Kulemin - Malkin - Tarasenko
Ovechkin - Datsuk - Semin
Kovalchuk - Anisimov - Radulov
Shipachev - Tereshenko - Kuznetsov

Markov - Emelin
Nikulin - Kulikov
Birukov - Medvedev


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