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01-25-2013, 05:15 PM
Foxhole Fred
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I'm a huge PK fan but this is getting silly. That article in the Gazette was a pure PR move by PK to drum up additional public support and put the pressure on Bergevin.

I don't like where this is headed at all. PK deserves to be paid well, but the knock against him has never been his abilities or his passion for the game, we all know and love PK for this. The question has been what kind of teammate is he?

We know he'll do whatever to score, hit, and best the best player on the ice, but what will he do to win? Crosby could have done what Ovie did and demanded a max contract but he twice signed a more reasonable deal for the benefit of the team.

Montreal has a way of managing contracts that has worked thus far - with the exception of the Gomez contract we traded for, we've never gotten ourselves in trouble with the cap. This is how the team does things and if PK is a good teammate he'll think more of the team and less of himself.

I think he has to ask himself how far he wants to take it. Does he really want to end up being the most popular player in Phoenix or Columbus on a 7yr 42m deal? Or play 2 more years for his favourite team in the best market in the world and then sign an even bigger deal?

Sign to a 2 yr 10m contract, go out there and help the team win and he'll get the 6-8 yr deal he wants.

Don't forget you're 23 - you've done a lot so far but you've got a long, long way to go before you should be throwing around your weight like you're Jagr or Ovie.

SIGN. Now. Seriously, I'm going to the game Sunday and I want to see you.

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