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Originally Posted by OpAck View Post
Very unlikely. Option is to buy Rick out and have Wang pay him the $20M+...or have Rick eventually retire and have insurance cover it. Wang will choose the cheapest option, even if it means having Rick back up Nabby/Poulin/Nilsson for a few more seasons (hopefully not for the full 8 or 9 seasons remaining).

Problem is (and this is THE big reason why alot of fans booed the guy) that, in the games he has played over the course of the last 3-4 seasons...Rick has been terrible. We're talking, since 2007-2008...he has been atrocious. And the proof is in his stats.

2008-09...15 GA on 139 shots, .892 S%, 3.52 GAA
2009-10...20 GA on 201 shots, .900 S%, 2.60 GAA
2010-11...88 GA on 773 shots, .886 S%, 3.44 GAA
2011-12...22 GA on 172 shots, .876 S%, 3.73 GAA

The last two seasons in particular, he has been among the worst goaltenders in the league...bottom 5 in 2011 and THE worst in 2012 in S% and GAA. And every one of those seasons were cut short due to knee swelling and or getting his face smashed in.

And I'm one of the fans that doesn't necessarily fault either party for signing that contract in 2006. Rick was on his way to becoming an elite, All-Star goaltender. While signing a contract like that one carried big risks...locking him in at $4.5M for the balance of his career could've been a smart move had he continued to play like a top-10 goalie in the league, which some #1 goalies are commanding near $7M now. And I don't think any one of us would pass up the opportunity to get $4.5M deposited into our bank account for the next 15 years. Problem is, Rick's body crumbled, and within the first couple years of the deal, he couldn't play at the level his contract commanded him to.

I like Rick alot, even though I rip on him. He legitimately loves this team and I hope he stays with this organization in another capacity. But from what we've seen of the guy these past few seasons and what we heard happened in Germany...I don't think he deserves a 9th, 10th, or 11th chance.
What happened in Germany?

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