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Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
Said it before, this Despres benching reminds me alot of 4 years ago. DB benched Letang and he came back into the lineup as a top 4 guy with Eaton and Whitney was moved.

I don't agree with the decision, but I'm seeing a similar path for Despres as Letang had a few years back.
I really, really hope you're right, because the alternative explanation is that Bylsma is **** when it comes to developing young players.

You have a higher end talent like Despres, and you're not seeing it. We've discussed Tangradi ad nauseum.

But, I'll even go one step further: Vitale on this team reminds me a lot of Talbot circa 2007-2008. Hard working. Great role player. Great character guy. But, has a little more to his game than your run of the mill Adams like fourth liner. Therrien would throw Talbot up there from time to time, especially when he earned it. Outside of the 16 games where Bylsma had no choice but to move Talbot to a second line (and at that point, Talbot did have a little track record), have you ever seen Bylsma say 'you know, I really like the way Vitale is playing . . . let's see what he can do with Geno and Neal tonight'. Or, have you ever seen him say, with all of that line juggling on a night like Tuesday, where everyone including the concession guy gets a try in the top six, 'well, Joe was one of the few guys bringing it every shift and nothing else was working, so I thought he earned it".

Letang seems like a good example, but the day Bylsma got Letang, he was far more along than any of the young kids we've been discussing.

Higher end prospect like Despres. Middle prospect like Tangradi was in 2009. Low end prospect like Vitale. Are you really impressed-- or anything but unimpressed-- with how Bylsma has treated guys like this?

It really does scare me to think what's in store for Bennett, Morrow, etc. Yeah, Bylsma is a good guy. Yeah, Bylsma was a pig in **** in 2009. From the day he's put his exclusive stamp on this team in the summer of 2009, it has underachieved where it counts, including the development of young players.

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