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01-25-2013, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MSRinkRat View Post
Were only 3 games into the season and have made improvements in each of the games. Were 3 games into the season and I'm reading people wanting to fire this, and trade that, and wave this. REALLY? Well I'm glad DL is in charge at this point and not some of you.

Some of the players aren't performing as we would like but you need to see the real picture here. Training camp is 2 weeks old, and we've never been good out of the gate in that short of a time anyway. Guys can be a little sore still, timing's are off a little, it takes time for the chemistry to build back up. They're on the road and don't have the time they need to work on those little things, so they need to work on them during games. I'm not ready to panic yet, not in the least. As long as I see a steady stream of improvements, I'm happy.

Get rid of Richards???? ROFLMFAO!!! You guys are so funny sometimes! Look what he's done in the playoffs. He was as big of a part of winning the Stanley Cup as damn near Kopi, Brown, or Quick. Yes, he most likely cost us the game in Oil country for a few reasons, (was his back door PK which scored the game winner, he did have the puck and failed to hit the empty net on a hurried shot, and he left the ice slow for that penalty in OT) but i think he's earned some credit with his "fans" for services rendered.

Lets see more improvement Saturday then talk. Were only 3 points out of a playoff spot!!
He missed the EN because Schultz deflected it. I'm not worried about him going slow off the ice either. I don't think abyone can question his heart.

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