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01-25-2013, 05:03 PM
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Seems like many of us still don't get the role sports media plays in society and the business of it all. They're not there to tell you truth anymore, they're not there to give you legit insider information, they're not there to be a voice for the general public.

The role sports media plays is to stir up controversy, to sell papers, to fill time slots on radio with topics to talk about etc.. all in the name of the mighty dollar.

Media generate stories, fairy tales these days in order to generate revenue that's why players are robots during interviews, that's why coaches hate them some more than others but they ALL would rather not talk to them.

The last place anybody should listen to about the game of hockey in what is right or wrong, fact or fiction is the media. We talk so much about how we are sheep for the Leafs in supporting the team I'll say this much rather you agree with or disagree with the drivel that is sports media these days I would rather be a sheep fan for the Leafs rather than a fish for the hook bait tactics of the media.

Well done Mr. Cox your live well is full of fish. Some Leaf fans now believe that Phaneuf is hated in the locker room and that this team doesn't support each other...

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