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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post

Some of you really need all the dots connected for you, wow.

Ozymandias is saying PK isn't that desirable to other GMs, on the idiotic basis that there's been no offersheet.

I'm pointing out we don't see offersheets very often.

Is it because:

- Players are afraid to sign them because it gives them a bad reputation or other reasons?
- GMs/Owners are colluding to drive down RFA wages?
- GMs are afraid of retaliation?
- GMs know the other GM will just match?

I don't know the answer, but in this case the answer is irrelevant. Ozymandias' inference that other GMs don't want Subban is simply invalid, that's all.
That's a little uncalled for, especially coming from someone who needed the dots connected for him that I was being facetious in calling SouthernHab a "true scholar,"(your first clue) on the basis that he's unwilling to reevaluate his opinion on the Subban matter in light of new information.

In any case, let me "connect the dots" for you: what I'm getting at with my question is that perhaps offer sheets had been given to Subban, and we don't know about them. If indeed Ozy is making that implication, and I'm not convinced he is, it would speak against his point, not yours.

K? K.

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