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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well let's look at this under a microscope. I think even the biggest Bondra supporters can agree that the guy was a one trick pony who brought nothing more than scoring goals. He didn't even get assists if you want to know the extent of it.

Beliveau was a playmaker before a goal scorer. He also played in a low scoring era his entire career. So this will lead to his lower GPG than Bondra. Modano and Sundin were centers and goal scoring was secondary to them. They both also brought more to the table than Bondra. Modano has the playoff record and the defensive prescence and Sundin aged well and was a model of consistency his whole career. Not to mention, while we're at it, he scored more goals than Bondra overall. The other two are Iginla and Shanahan and do we even need to bring up how much more valuable they were than Bondra?

I don't see a case for him at all. Yes he played in much of the dead puck era but he also played in the early to mid 1990s and racked up his share of goals there too. Also had some strange "off" years in the middle of his career that stick out like a sore thumb. I've said it before, if you are a one trick pony you'd better ensure you do it as good as anyone else in the game, and Bondra didnt. Bure at least had more elite seasons coupled with a better playoff portfolio and a lovely run in 1994.

One other thing about Bondra, he is very much below a point per game in his career.
I would tend to agree here.

One thing I like to do is see how nay player stacked up to all of his competion through out his entire career. I was generous and took out Bondras 1st and last partial seasons.

He was 5th is goals which should put him in the mix for HHOF consideration but then we can also see that he was 24th in points.

His playoff and international career don't add much to his resume either.

Hall of very good but HHOF for me.

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