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Originally Posted by WG View Post
I'm sorry. Does not compute.

Detroit had a HOF player under contract. They made other players accountable to this "rule" based on a player who is a top 5 or 10 all time defenseman in the NHL.

Bergevin's "rule", which actually goes back to a regime that has been completely overhauled, wants to hold Subban to rules that applied when Max had 1/2 of a good season and a broken neck, to Price when he was the league's most polarizing backup goalie, or to gorges coming off a shredded knee.

What does one have to do with the other?
Quite simply put, Molson has handed the reins of this team to Bergevin. Bergevin in turn has a vision for this team moving forward. If for whatever reason he sees fit to use the "bridge" contract to control costs/space under the cap then so be it. For the time being he's the guy.
Don't get me wrong, I want Subban around and I see he as part of the long term core of this team. That being said he has all of 160 games in this league with no arbitration rights. It might be strong-arming or leveraging. Call it what you will, Bergevin is putting his stamp on this team and PK is the first forced to face this fact.

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