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01-25-2013, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
It's not the quality of the player, but the years of experience, what is the worth of a RFA system if the player as all the control?
He doesn't have all the control. Compare Jamie Benn's contract with what he'd get if he were UFA this past offseason instead of RFA. The guys signing long RFA contracts trade some future cash in exchange for security. In Subban's case it might be especially relevant given his pro earnings to date are relatively meagre so this is his first chance to really cash in.

A point many of us have tried to make about a thousand times to no avail is that if Montreal signed PK to a long term deal right now, then years 3 to X of the long term deal will be a bargain vs. what he'll get signing a second RFA contract in 2 years. Part of that is that PK HAS to take less than a full UFA premium if he signed the contract now. That's my primary reason to want a long term deal done now.

I'd also rather the team not continue to fritter away assets based on stuff that has little or nothing to do with on ice performance, but that's just me.

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