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Originally Posted by DisgruntledHawkFan View Post
For half a season, yes he was great. Goalies get figured out.

Not saying Crow is, but comparing Seabrook's track record with Crows is pants on head insane.
57 games is more than half a season, I think. It was the same number that Thomas played that year.

And yes, Seabrook obviously has a longer track record of success, however Crow gets dismissed far too easily.... especially when one considers how good he was his rookie year.

Carey Price tied for most wins that year, with 38, 5 more wins than crow. However, he got 5 more wins in 15 more games played. In fact almost every goalie ahead of Crow in wins that year played at least 10 more games. Lets not forget that he also posted a .917 SV%, right behind the likes of Fleury and Quick, and ahead of Miller and Backstrom. He also posted a 2.3 GAA good for 6th in the league for goalies that played at least 50 games.

And lest we forget... his playoff stats were even better.

There's a pretty large and undefined line as to what makes a good vs. a poor goalie, as cup-winning all-star goalie MAF proved last year.

Crow is not a goalie that will carry a team, that much is obvious. He's probably not even a goalie that can steal the occasional game. However, he has demonstrated that he can put numbers that are comparable to the best in the league. It's much too early to pull the plug on him. It's also too early to say our goalie woes are solved. For as good as his rookie year was, his sophomore year was equally as bad. Time will tell

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