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01-25-2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund View Post
See ya don't let the door hit ya on the way out.....

Subban is NOT the best or most important player on this team. Hands dowsn that player is Price.

Price Plekaned Pacioretty and so on and so all accepted that transition 2 year contract. They proved they could mature as a perason and improve as players and were all rewarded with long term big money deals.

Montreal has always rewarded their players...Subban is no different....Sign his 2 year contract and his big pay day will come.

He is not Stamkos Malkin Crosby type game changer.....

How was the PP with Subban as the number 1?
hmmmm...It sucked balls!

Markov is back and Diaz looks like he's Bobby Orr all of a sudden.
Subban does not have that same effect, he does not make players around him least not yet!

This being said I would love for Montreal to keep Subban but not at any price like some here would suggest!
Plekanec and Price had terrible years when they signed their "bridging" contract, while Pacioretty was still an unknown commodity. Subban has earned a big contract, and were he on another team, he would have received one. Montreal is locked into an archaic philosophy that will be a detriment to this team.

You are severely underestimating Subban to justify this ridiculous stance of management. We are three games into the season. Do you believe Diaz is going to maintain his current pace anymore than Nazem Kadri will in Toronto? One day Montreal needs to join the remaining twenty-nine teams in the modernized NHL world. Bridging deals for star players are the exception, not the rule. Frankly, they are nearly extinct.

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