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01-25-2013, 06:07 PM
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I'll put out a Leafs offer, Grabovski+Phaneuf for Gagner+Hall without the pick. Make Eberle your captain though before Phaneuf, don't want to hear Phaneuf and uhhhhhhhh we did uhhhhhhh good but uhhhhhh we couldn't *blanks out for 10 seconds* finish it.

Grabovski-Above average 2nd line center and would be good for Yakupov.

Phaneuf- Lower class #1, if he isn't relied on for everything and plays 23-26 minutes he will play well the whole game instead of last minutes he seems burnt out when having a good 28 against hard competition.

View is Grabo>Gagner, Phaneuf<Hall. Although we'd be loaded on LW With Hall/Lupul/JVR lol.

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