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Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
Hey guys, guess what. Last year's Stanley Cup champs are 0-2, and have been outscored 8-3.

All the Chicken Little's here need to calm down.
LOL chicken littles!? I've heard little chicadee's but it's usually meant in a more endearing tone then I'm sure you want to use.

I definitely want to give this team 10 games first. Plenty of practice, time to get chemistry tie for the coaching staff to get its message to the noobs. We did face Boston twice and Pitt once. Both teams could finish 1/2 in the east so I really am fine with the losses. Rather blow ur worst games of the season early on the best teams and then get our act together and steamrol the league so we finish with more points....or honestly I'm fine with a 6 seed.

I did the same thing with the Jets after they blew out Buffalo I said wait 5 games before declaring a Lombardi Trophy winner...I didn't een have to wait 3 to find out how bad the team really was...hopefully with the rangers it'll be the oppossite.

That said last year they blew he first few games. They looked eaten down, physically and mentally exhausted. They've had the same loo in these games excpt for Boston when they finally had rest practice time and a victory.

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