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01-25-2013, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
Really? He's a moron? Because he refuses to have an RFA dictate policy and cap management to him and the organization?
While the stars were trying to ink their young RFA Benn to a long term deal, habs are doing the opposite. Insisting on a short term deal. It's moronic. When you have a stud player you try to get him signed for as long as possible before he assuredly becomes better and worth more.

I'm curious to know exactly how much Subban is asking per season and what term he is asking for. I'm curious because nobody seems to know. And because nobody knows what the number or duration is then all this speculation is meaningless.
Stubbs tweeted it wasn't anywhere near doughty money.

In his article Stubbs said PK submitted 6 names to the habs for comparables. This suggests that the money he is asking for is at the very least below 6M, most likely around 4-5M since there is no way PK has 6 comparables above 6M unless he is including UFAs in his comparables which doesn't make any sense.

In the same article it is said the habs agree with Subban's comparables but are insisting on a bridge contract.

That's why Bergevin is an idiot. I've already lost all confidence in him because his first challenge has been a huge fail so far. It is well known at this point the habs are insisting on a bridge contract, and that's just stupid. I'm sorry but it is.

Also I trust 100% into what Stubbs wrote because he got direct quotes and doesn't have a history of making **** up.

It seems that judgements are being made here based on NO information.
I have enough information to make educated guesses.

It's possible that Bergevin changes his mind and signs PK to a long term deal but I now evaluate the chances of that happening to less than 5%.

So the question begs; who is the moron in this scenario? The guy (MB) who has all the information and is qualified to be a GM or a poster with NO information who isn't getting his way?
I heard the same thing back when Gainey was GM. Yawn.

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