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Originally Posted by Flying High View Post
Is there any other team in the league that has this ridicoulous "bridge contract" policy?
Well it's standard for any young player when they finish their entry-level contract to give them a bridge contract and then to sign them long-term when it's over.

Unless we're talking about well established rookies who already have proven they can top the league with their performances. Which is NOT PK's case. Price took a bridge contract I don't understand why PK doesn't want it, his agent agrees to it, and yet he doesn't.

It would be more beneficial for him to do so, if he proves himself on the ice he can look forward to a long-term and high profit contract. Now he's gonna have to settle for a mid-term not so wealthy contract.

MB has to deal with a lineup that clogs the cap with players with contracts such as Kaberle that gives him little no room to maneuver on the UFA and trade market. If he wants to build a successful team he can't just give and accept PK's demands by investing top $ for a product he's not 100% sure will deliver everything it says it will.

I'm sure PK will be successful but it's too soon to say in what manner let's remember... 2011-12 was only his second complete NHL season ever, and Price signed his bridge contract only after 3 seasons in the NHL

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