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01-25-2013, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Habtchum View Post
Nobody concerned talked about a trade. Not PK, nor his agent, and even less Bergevin.

Subban won't be traded. He will sign sooner than later or he will sit at home ( or play in Europe) until he get his UFA srlatus in the NHL.
Not sure how's that reassuring. The idea of signing Subban is not short term. Is to create the best possible atmosphere so that the guy remains a Habs for life. We're not talking about a 40 year old Jagr here.

The point and the only point frankly is that based on a stupid, if that's the case, policy, we might lose one of the best prospects we've have in a long time or alienate him so next time he has a chance he'll leave. A prospect, should I remind everybody, that most people counted on to diminuish the impact of losing anothe prospect for Gomez.

So as an organization, if we screw up on the Subban front, and after screwing up on the McDonagh front, we would have succesfully got rid of 2 future great players that would have formed for close to 15 years, the greatness of our defense.

Based on a panic move in 1 case....and on a stupid policy on another. See, this is where "professionnals knows best" theory takes a deep blow. Since when are those guys solely hired because of how competent they are. Most are hired based on the fact that they played the game. A lot are hired because they are friends with. A few happen to be extremely brillant. Look at who succeeds to know who are who......

I don't know how competent Bergevin is. But I know that if we lose a guy because of that policy, that would be totally dumb.

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