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Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
I don't understand.

PK hasn't really proven anything at this point. I want my top offensive defenceman getting more than 40 pts per year. Subban hasn't shown that he can do that.

There's also been questions about chemistry with others on the team and he's had some disagreements with the coaches in the past.

There are still some holes in his game and some improvements to be made on his end. He's young and that makes sense. Perfectly normal.

I don't want to be paying Subban $5.5-6m a year for 6 years as the player he is now. Can he be worth that money? Yes and in my opinion, he probably would be over 6 years.
But he can also stop progressing, and he could even regress. It's happened to great players (especially ones that rely on their physical ability to stand out - see Mike Green who's had 56, 73, and 76 point seasons and who has pretty much fallen off the earth since).

Last thing you want is to be stuck with an overpaid contract for that long. The 2-yr bridge is so that they can get a better sense of how Subban will play for the next two years. If he shows he's one of the top d-men in the league, give him $6.5m long term. If he stalls, we can re-sign him to another more realistic contract.

It's a perfectly logical line of thought to want to give him another 2 years before signing him to a big long-term contract. I can see the benefit of a long-term contract as well, especially if that's what PK really wants, but you guys are the morons if you can't understand why MB could want to stick to his guns at 2 years, especially when PK is a RFA and has no real leverage.
that's absurd...

Subban, were he a UFA this year, would EASILY get over 5M$ on the open market.

Garrison (who has fewer points in a 3 year career, at 27 years old, not too mention is significantly worse all-around than Subban at 23) signed a 6 year deal just under 5M$, Dennis Wideman a 5.25M$ cap hit on a 5 year deal... as a one-dimensional offensive dman.

to say your worried about Subban progressing enough to be "worth" 5.5-6M$ in 4-5 years from now is just silly.

the only reason there is any discussion of Subban getting a deal under 6M$ a year is based on his age/RFA status. His level of play AS IT IS RIGHT NOW, in the current NHL environment (even with the cap roll back), is easily in the 5.5-6M$ range.

Subban knows it... that's why he's not even considering the Habs (rumored) low ball offer.
MB either doubts it, or has some other hidden agenda we don't know about.

either way, the bottom line is that this situation sucks for us fans

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