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Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
Well looking at his point totals, at this rate of progression, he'd be scoring 26 points in 5 years.

I want Subban signed as much as anybody. I'm sure if Subban agreed to $4m/yr over 6 years, MB would sign.

The issue is Subban thinks he's worth a certain amount over 6 years and MB doesn't believe he's shown that he's worth that much yet.
That's the point of a bridge contract, to allow the player to get rid of any doubts management might have about their worth.

I want Subban signed and I'd love to him signed right now, but those attacking MB based on absolutely no information don't seem to understand how this works. There are two sides to negotiations.

If we got confirmation that MB was offering $2.5m for 2 years, then yes I'd be upset. but a $4m/yr offer for 2 years would be more than reasonable of an offer to make (I'd personally go as high as $4.5 even).

But if Subban is refusing solely based on the fact that it's not long term, he's as much to blame as management.
Dude, you DO realize the #1 duty of PK Subban isn't being an offensive defenseman, but a DEFENSIVE one? He is one of our best shutdown guy. His offensive production is merely a bonus.

Flyers certainly don't need him to be a purely offensive forward. Their defense is in disarray.

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