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01-25-2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by ResilientBeast View Post
Toronto and Edmonton aren't good trading partners. I don't see why other teams think that just because we have 3 excellent young wingers, that we have to trade one of them. Chicago has 3 great wingers and no one cares. I'm sick and tired of most franchises trying to cherry pick our talent because they feel like they are helping us out. We do not need you to take our talented wingers away. We'll continue to build without dealing any of the Fab Four.

Sorry just needed to vent a bit reading these boards just angers me sometimes.
Its not because we dont want to take them away, its that there is very little outside those 5 that would return another high potential young player. No one is trading a potential top pairing D for a Gagner, a Hemsky, etc. just like no one will trade a potential #1C for Kulemin or Bozak.

Originally Posted by alphahelix View Post
No, Toronto wouldn't go for anything that doesn't involve Gretzky and a few 1sts coming back the other way. Oh wait, I mean Toronto fans on this board. Toronto would trade Rask for Raycroft, Kubina for Exelby, Seguin and Hamilton for Kessel (ok, I'm pushing it) --- but still they wouldn't consider Gagner, MPS, Whitney, Klefbom etc. to be of any value compared to the latest shiny bauble.

There are always 4 or 5 untouchables in Toronto every year and usually 2 or 3 wind up demoted or traded by the same time next year. Sometimes its okay to take a 'risk' and trade for proven young players. Lets have a little levity here. Before you bring up the glass houses thing, there are overzealous fans in every city - but the big 3 or 4 aren't dropping off EDM's list any time soon.

I wouldn't trade for Gardiner unless it was an underpay. Nothing personal.
Its not our fault that there is nothing of value in Edmonton outside the big 4. If we were asking for Schultz there first people on your list would be Kessel, Phaneuf, JVR, Gardiner, Reilly, all of whom are held in the same light by Toronto. Stop pretending like we are overrating our players, it just so happens that your asking for one of our better young players and we wont be giving them up for a bunch of lesser pieces. In addition we wont be dealing from a barren position to add to our most fruitful. If a deal comes around where we deal a Gardiner for a young budding #1C then well pull a trigger, but the other way around isnt good management.

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