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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Enthusiasm? lol ok.. I'd much rather him not be so enthusiastic if it'd allow him to make the right read. Dedication? Well where is he? And how is he more dedicated than any other player we have?

PK has definitely progressed since he joined the NHL, but to be honest, I thought he'd be better. I know you guys have some website that tells you he's the 2nd best dman in the league and all sorts of other arguments, but none of that crap can cover up his lack of hockey IQ. I do think he will get better, because that's the kind of character he has, but who's to say he doesn't get paid and not care as much? He's really got a lot to learn to be considered elite. There are lots of guys around the league that have shown more already and are younger to boot.
I happen to think PK has a refreshing attitude on the ice and it's his enthusiasm that makes him such a polarizing figure for fans/media in a sport that is terribly bland and void of personality. I happen to like that...I know that's not the 'hockey purist' cupt of tea, and that's fine.

As far as dedication...i've said this before, but if you had any idea of the odds he had to beat to make it to where he is today, not saying that other players have it easy either mind you, you wouldn't be questionning his dedication.

As for the rest of your post...if you agree he will get better, then I don't know why we're debating this. Is there a risk he gets paid and doesn't care as much? Sure...but that risk is there anytime you sign a player to any deal.

Also, there are alot of guys around the league who have shown more already and are younger, I agree...but there are equally, if not more guys, who have shown less, and got paid.

And whether you think that matters or gives him the right to believe he's worth more than what they're offering

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