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Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post
While we live in a vaccuum on a ruthless message board, hockey players, coaches, and GMs are people who have relationships with each other. I think the Stars organization lost some of its appeal to players in the last decade, and GMJN has been slowly rebuilding it. The team wasn't in play on the two biggest UFA names in the summer, but some quality UFAs came to Dallas. The Stars told Roy to have surgery, meaning he would be paid during the lockout, that the team was interested in resigning him before he played for Dallas, and that his long term health was more important than missing a few weeks at the beginning of the season. Fistric was traded to his hometown team when he was no longer part of the team's plans. Could the Stars have gotten more than a 3rd? Probably, and I considered Edmonton to be a potential rival for a playoff spot. Modano and Turco have finally been incorporated into the organization as well, something which was overdue.

I think GMJN is trying to improve the attractiveness of the Stars by doing the classy thing in these situations, which would be totally undermined by scratching Morrow, buying him out, taking away the C, etc. If he continues to play poorly, hopefully his role on the ice will continue to shrink and the end of the season will be a natural solution to this issue. Treating Morrow shabbily now is not the way to attract top UFAs and not the way to get our players, like Roy for instance, to want to resign.
An organization should be more concerned with how it brings up its young players and the atmosphere surrounding them during their ascension than trying to make your team attractive to free agents. Seriously, this is the absolute backward attitude. You build a winner and then add in a key free agent or two to really get you on your way to contending for a Cup; think Brett Hull to Dallas back in the day. Trying to cater to free agents while you're still on the outside of the playoff picture for four years is a joke of a way to run a franchise.

eartotheground hit the nail on the head, free agents care about money and winning. If anything, a team mired in playofflessness for years who has the balls to change captains and/or trade veteran players whose best days are behind them should instill confidence in a free agent that the front office knows what the hell they're doing, provided those decisions lead to more winning of course.

Roy's not an idiot, he sees who is getting less PP time because of Morrow's existence on this team.

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