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Originally Posted by Insta View Post
Comparing apples to oranges. What part of his celebration was equal to Quick dropping a puck at Yakupov's feet? He did nothing to directly disrespect anyone on the Kings.
I could be wrong here, but skating to the blue line with arms in the air, dropping to your knees and sliding 100ft while fist pumping could be construed as disrespectful to the guy you just scored on. If you feel differently then I would venture a guess that you never played goal.

I am not arguing whether what he did was right or wrong....I don't care. Just that there is a double standard when it comes to what is acceptable in celebrations. If Quick had done that, **** would have hit the fan. We have come to expect, and accept, it from the goal scorer, as a goalie I find them all disrespectful.

To which some will respond with...."then stop the puck!" To which I would add, they do about .920% of the time. Not once taunting the shooter. No jumping up and down, no slides, no pounding the glass....nothing. Give the ref the puck....get ready to stop the next one.

Now that would make for a pretty boring I'm not behind it 100%. But don't say celebrating the way he did, or any one for that matter, doesn't disrespect the goalie.

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