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Originally Posted by RushDP View Post
Don't be ridiculous. Dated philosophies

The bridge contract is a valid tool and can be used to place management in a position to extend the contract long term if all works out well or trade the asset if it doesn't.

What reports exactly are you referring to? So far I have yet to hear an exact figure or length of term BUT it is your opinion that Subban's demands are not outrageous.

To correct you: Subban has proved nothing. Green had amazing productive years and what's he done lately? How can you say that Subban has "proven himself" and criticize management with NO information? No dollar amount, no term and a completely ridiculous stance on a very valid and advantageous strategy in a bridge contract.

In fact you call it archaic and not modern. Handing out rich contracts based on 2 good...not great years is what led this league to 2 lockouts in 8 years. That's modern history for you.

In your modern approach to running a team the GM bows down and has a 2 year (possible) core asset tell him what he is worth and how long he wants to get paid. He also sits quietly while the RFA with zero leverage tells him what value he has and who he is comparable to. Your new age GM would meekly nod his head and cut the check.

Then when it's time to sign a UFA I'd like to see that GM do anything other than beg the UFA to sign for whatever he wants.

To prove the point that MB is right in what he is doing just listen to McGuire state that he'd have signed Subban already. One is an NHL GM and other is still a whiny little wannabe. Which do you think is McGuire?
Were it a valid tool, why is Montreal the only team making use of it for their star players? Look at the recent contracts offered to similar or inferior caliber players. They all received lengthily deals, yet Subban has to "prove himself"?

Every analyst is speculating his demands are within the five million parameter, with four to six years attached. Those were well within the norm for similar players. I will grant you no definitive numbers have been cited but nothing suggests Subban's demands are unreasonable unless you believe he should sign a bridging contract.

I suggest you read this article and then attempt to argue PK "hasn't proven anything."

Do you accuse every GM of being meek and passive? Dallas, Buffalo, Vancouver, Washington, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Edmonton, Philadelphia. The list continues. They have all locked up star players to term length contracts. No one is necessarily implying Subban ought to be cut a blank check and told to fill it in. Montreal is not negotiating, they are strong arming - it may cost them one of their best player.

McGuire cited the Chelios trade for the disaster it was. Were he the GM, Subban may have played the last three years.

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