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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post

Hey, I like him too, but just because he takes wild windups and trash talks doesn't make him a better player. Markov is the polar opposite and is simply better at everything. My point is "enthusiasm" is irrelevant, effectiveness is what I care about.
I'm as big a fan of Markov as anyone here, they're different player...Markov is better at some things, while Subban is better at others. Imagine having both at full strength on this team for more than 10 games?

Also, I agree enthusiasm is largely irrelevant, but it's just a bonus IMO...and if effectiveness is what you care about. Few players were as effective as Subban defensively last year. He does need to learn that 'less is often more' when he's working the PP, but that comes with time...I much rather have to reign a player in, then to have to continually push and coddle him to bring his 'A' game every night.

Subban may make young mistakes at time, but it's never out of lack of effort or indifference...everytime Subban takes the ice, I get the feeling he's doing EVERYTHING he can to get the win. I LOVE this about him, it's what makes him connect with fans so deeply.

I'm not questioning his dedication, but you are implying that he is more dedicated than others. I asked you to quantify that. Just because he grew up in Rexdale, don't mean a thing. His parents were obviously always there for him and were a very positive influence. Not taking anything away from him, but other players are dedicated too you know.
I made a point to say that i'm not saying he's more dedicated than others...but I tend to think that because of his background, I don't think he'll ever take anything for granted because to make it to where he is today, it took a great deal of intestinal fortitude, and discipline and self-belief. I could elaborate alot more on this, but we'd be straying from the main topic...

Just because other teams have made mistakes we should do the same
Of course not...but I could easily say the opposite too...this isn't about other players, it's about what you think PK is worth to this organization TODAY and going forward and if you're willing to make that committment to him. Some people are more hesitant than others, I don't happen to agree with that...but to each his own

Time will tell

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