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12-14-2003, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
To keep it light i will say the following.

I am not a Bush fan or a Republican.

I am happy Saddam is captured.

I don't think it will stop anything or make a dent in anything.

The timing is ironic, considering how good news always seems to happen right when their is a controversy at the white house {the oil case findings, troops being overseas for the holidays, etc.} Always seems to happen when the heat gets too high, anyone wanna bet that Bin Laden will be found right before the election? I'm calling it now.

I want Bin Laden, not Saddam, Not anyone else, I want Bin Laden.

Other then that, arguing politics is like the special olympics, even if you win you're retarded.

I agree with you 9 times out of 10 on hockey, but I guess not on politics. Are you suggesting they just hold these guys until they need the PR ? When they get these guys they do pump it up to show a successful time in Iraq but thats a little crazy.

I for one think that going into Iraq was 100 percent correct. What bothers me is the way they went about it. Sadam killed hundreads of thousands and probably millions of his own people. He also was trying to build up his weapons of mass destruction. He may not have had what we thought he did, or maybe he did have it and its hidden in Syria or in the mountains. Regardless, this man is dangerous and you have to be insane to think he wasnt going to try for these things in the future. Just look at the money he gave to terrorists. He paid money to the families of suicide bombers and gave money to help the Palestinians attacks vs. Israel. It was something like 10,000 a Jewish head I believe. How many of us learned about the holocaust and said "We should have done something." "How come we couldn't have gotten in there quicker?." Saddam didnt have the power of the Nazi army but his antics were very close to those of Hitler. Like I said, going into Iraq was the right move, unfortunately mistakes were made with explanations, and through the UN that makes us out to look like war mongers.

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