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Originally Posted by NBHockey View Post
I'll update it, thumb up for keeper, thumb down for sliding down the list:

Alexander Jacob - Moncton Flyers - still best skilled forward but looks like size is catching up to him.

Ryan Tompkins - Fredericton Canadiens - had a great start, long injury, looks to be finding his stride again.

Francis Theriault - Miramichi Rivermen

Jean Michel LeBlanc - Saint John Vito's - wish he had more to his complete game, but can't deny the points.

Spencer Buck - heard he quit hockey for soccer.

Liam Conrad - Moncton Flyers - started year in midget minor, called up.

William Bower - Saint John Vito's - Still a solid forward, hard working.

Kari Belec - Moncton Flyers - inconsistant, needs to use players around him more.

Zach Adams - OHA - no idea

Riley Scott - Miramichi Rivermen

Tristan Young - lost track of where he is

Patrick Daley - Fredericton Canadiens - always has puck on his stick, good play maker.

Luc Deschene - Fredericton Canadiens - looks to be the same as last year, not seeing growth, but still the best 97 Dman.

Jake Vance - Fredericton Canadiens - seems to be playing forward now, don't really like him there to be honest, one of the better Dmen on the team -

Matt Paul - Fredericton Canadiens - he's also been injured but is back now. He's got great speed and moves the puck well.

Will Thompson - RNS - only seen him once, not fair to give opinion.

Chris Becker - OHA - not seen him at all this year

Mitch Robinson - Moncton Midget Minor - not seen him.

New additions:

Kyle Ward - Moncton Flyers - he's kind of like Tompkins, more of a complete player and has really improved, like him a lot.

Julien Galloway - Midget Minor - not seen him
Derek Goguen - prep
Tristan Meadows - gone to HS - not seen him
Jarod Stone - Midget Minor Fredericton - not seen him
Max Landry - Moncton Flyers - doesn't play as much but seems to be getting better.
Have you seen the U-16 team list ? if so what are your thoughts on the selections.

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