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01-25-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Almost as absurd as reading your posts for the past three seasons. But now he's played three games so... hey I guess all those years you were wrong don't count right?
Wrong how? That Markov is our MVP when he's in the lineup? Wrong that there was a good possibility that he would be back 100% and still have the same impact? Wrong that you always have to over inflate, exaggerate and distort because you know you're starting off with a broken wing? He has played 37 games since coming back of his injury, that's not 3 games. Also, it's been two years, because 3 years ago, almost to the day, I was here saying that Markov coming back from his lacerated Achilles's heel would make us better and we'd make the playoffs, which by all accounts, I was right about that as we went from a under ,500 record to a +,600 record and went to the ECF. But don't lose your breath with your exaggerations. You haven't changed one bit. It's been two years and a half since he tore his ACL, and about over a year since I've been saying that his coming back would make a huge difference, and his being out is the only reason we can entertain 'tanking'. So the truth is about 15 months, not 36 months. This need to exaggerate shows a lack of actual acumen whether about facts or hockey itself. It is your usual crutch to mask your shortcomings. Not surprisingly, you distort by making it seem as though I even inferred to KNOW when he would come back, when all I said in the past is that if he comes back he would have a huge impact, the same impact as before, which I was right about. You are completely unable to debate honestly. This need to distort the truth serves no other purpose than to show every one just how childish you are.

As for Markov, hopefully he's back for good. He looks awesome and that's great. I still wouldn't count on him for anything though. It would be a mistake to assume he's going to be healthy. Better to play it conservative and view what he provides as a bonus. Its got nothing to do with faith, it's about being practical.
You know nothing about being practical. If you did, logical pragmatism would've illuminated your brain a long time ago about the impracticality of deliberate or even half-deliberate 'tanking' in the type of market Montreal is. This same pragmatism would've shone a light on the fact that tanking is the inevitable fortune-misfortune of bad seasons, but mostly, of bad markets, the reason why you rarely see huge markets (when they are making money) tank, even less likely on multiple seasons. And lastly but not least, true logical pragmatism would have you realize that the entire logic of trading assets for picks in 'tank' mode is something even a 12 year old playing EA's NHL video game understands and can perform admirably, and that most fans don't need to talk about it over endless threads to show how it could be done.

Markov is in the lineup and a fluke incident is what it is. For now he's playing 100% and a team would be foolish to not count on his impact as he's the MVP of this team, has been the MVP for over a decade and will remain that for the foreseeable future.

But feel free to continue to expound on the merits and the pure genius of 'tanking' as if no one ever thought about it.

Don't bother responding, I know your usual drivel and your usual MO. Been there, done that.

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