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01-25-2013, 09:19 PM
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RWO, I'm sorry these folks talked you out a what could have been an amazing memory -- for both of you. My oldest's first game was at 3 months old in the Coliseum (RiverDogs), and my youngest was 16 months. Now, my oldest just turned 9 and the two kids have about 120 sporting events to their credit. Maybe one bad game for each in that group -- and even then we got through it and took in the whole game.
The oldest loves the picture of herself sitting on her grandfather's lap at her first game. She never flinched, but it was the Coliseum. My youngest, same thing. When she was 2, I took her to a Flyers game and during warm-ups, Scott Hartnell flipped us a puck. He was instantly her favorite and is still. We got him to autograph the puck, which is on her nightstand, she wears his jersey and has posters and some Hartnelldown stuff.
My kids have easily stayed until the end of night hockey games and they've even done 12 innings at a baseball game. They done road trips with dad to Jersey, NY, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, DC and Hershey. This year, we're adding Boston and probably Toronto.
As for others around you, you're a paying customer. It's your call as to how you'd feel at a sporting event, not them. The people around you have no problem getting drunk, getting profane, talking about sex loud enough for your kids to get an education, throwing stuff at the ice and all over you and your kid -- all things you didn't sign up for. Those experiences are the ones we make jokes about on the way home.
You know your kid, and every one is different. This is solely your call and no one else's.

And Qhoever you are, I have a comma and I'll continue to bring my yowling monstrosities wherever I want. They are people, and show more social etiquette than half the people at the games they attend.

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