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01-25-2013, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by OntarioFisherman View Post
You can't blame the last few years on the defense, lol. Yeah defense is bad but ward should still block some, not let in 4-5 goals everynight. Ellis is behind the same defense and both times has done better. I honestly can't figure out how people defend Ward when he has been subpar for years.

Muller, you want accountability, now is your chance One has proven themselves one hasn't. If ward is in next game look for 3+ goals from the other team and people blaming it on defense again
The fact that you believe Ward has been subpar for years speaks volumes about your opinion and the research you've done to form said opinion.

Didn't we go through this whole goaltender "debate" a couple years ago, when "Leighton deserves to start!" turned into what anyone with half a brain knew it would?

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