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Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post one Avs fan saying EJ is close to those guys when they were at the same point in their careers suddenly makes Avs fans delusional? (That's you what implied we were)

Yes, clearly EJ and Phillips are comparable because they are both defensman(wow!!) and both drafted 1st overall(AMAZING!! They are literally the same player!!) So you're saying he can't become a legit #1. Great. Tell me, how does this have anything to do with Gormley. Or do you think he will be a legit #1 and solve all the Avs issues

Tell me, how many Avs games have you watched? Love to know. Seems to me the people who never watch a player play then judge said player, are the ones who throw the importance of actually watching a player before judging that player out the window. You think EJ has plateaued and cannot become a #1 D? For instance, did you watch the game last night? EJ was a beast. He absolutely played like a #1 defensman. He certainly has the potential to be one. But no, I'm sure, you, after browsing hockeydb, can say with complete confidence he will never become one. Gotta love the internet experts who pull up some stats on and suddenly know everything about a player and how good he is, as well as his potential.
Originally Posted by Avs44 View Post
Uh...yeah...those Phillips stats are not even comparable to what EJ has done. So your saying they are both stagnanat in their first 6 years? Great. EJ has been stagnant on a much higher level.
Stats tell a different story. EJ is at best a few points per season ahead of phillips in each of his years. The most important thing is that they are both on the same trajectory from their respective rookie performances, roughly flat, zero improvement. Phillips went onto be a decent D, and never achieve much beyond what he was able to the first 6 years.

Cute. Using caps and bolding things to try and make it look official. So basically you're throwing the opinion of people who actually watched EJ play out the window and demanding specific instances in games? Simpler solution, you watch the next 5 Avs games then come back and talk. Its funny how defensive your being about how watching games actually matters. EJ is pretty much the only top 4 defensman the Avs have. Look at the types of players he has been playing and who have been his partners. O'Brien, Hunwick, Wilson, etc. The Avs D is a wreck after EJ. The only thing seperating us from being the worst D in the league is EJ. Look at the Avs defenders after him. Wilson, Hunwick, Zanon, O'Brien, Hedja. A collection of bottom pairing defensman/4th D. How do you think any defensman would look playing with that? All the top defenders in the league are surrounded by other good defenders. EJ is basically surrounded by crap. He is still young and still has a ton of potential. We are happy to keep him as our #1 defensman. If you think differently, fine. The Avs really don't care.
Thanks, your earlier emoticons were quite cute as well.

It's also funny how you keep talking about how EJ plays when ppl watch him, and his great exploits as a "beast" on ice. And yet through this entire thread, have failed to provide a single SPECIFIC AN CONCRETE instance of how that is not reflected in his stats. You talk more about the other defencemen's skills than you actually comment on EJ's.

And I can assure you that the Avs certainly do care, and given the history of them having Borque and Blake on the same team, they know what a true #1 D looks like on a contender.

Also, how about you actually answer how any of this is relevant to Gormley. I love how you consistently ignore that. We need a top pairing defender now. Gormley is not that. This thread is about O'Reilly, and somehow you've turned it in to an EJ thread. How about you get back on topic and stop avoiding what actually matters. Or do you not have an answer to that and this is your way out?
RoR is a fine player, certainly worth Gormley. Sure Gormley is a risk, but also still has the potential to be a top pairing D. No one is forcing you to trade RoR, do with it as you will, but know that having three top-2 centers on the same team, and refusing to pay them their fair compensation is what breeds this type of situation that you have with RoR today. If the Avs have a long term view of the team's direction, they would work to use their assets to balance their team out between C and D positions, if their D-corps is really as woeful as you seem to describe it.

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