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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Why would CoG keep it quiet? 50m in rent payments and a hugely expensive hockey arena left without an anchor tenant looks bad. I understand it was the decision of the previous council but it would still be hugely controversial to simply wash their hands of the whole thing publicly. It has been an enormously costly investment and they have to at least appear to work p until the very last minute to preserve any potential return on those dollars spent. They need to say that they are doing all that they can within the scope of reason, and they need it to appear they are willing to do so until the bitter end. Anything less would be far too polarizing. The City will want to be able to claim they've been taken advantage of by big business. Not that they made a political, philosophical, tea party-esque plan to take a hard line against public funding of private business and run the team out of town. It will sit much better with the vast majority of their constituency to feign flexibility, open mindedness, creativity and a diligent work ethic until the NHL itself pulls the plug.

The NHL will be happy to allow for the charade in the interest of ticket sales.

Jamison isn't likely to step on the NHL's toes.
That doesn't really make sense. If 2/1 rolls around and the lease agreement hasn't been signed, it's time to start moving towards finding a group to manage the arena. The NHL hasn't been doing it and won't be around after this season. They need to get a permanent manager in there at some capacity. Stability is needed, even if it's not what we want. They're going to lose money, but holding out some hope for wishes and dreams is like buying powerball tickets when you can't make rent instead of trying to find solutions. The council will need to make decisions. There will be discussions and votes that tell us it's over, if it comes to that.

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