Thread: Post-Game Talk: 1/25/13 - Wings beat Wild 5-3
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01-25-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by MK9 View Post
After tonight, I wouldn't be against that. I'm sure Yeo will fiddle with it and make a few adjustments.

I just think it's moronic for people to expect that a team that's been together for all of what, a little over two weeks? To gel. If that's the case might as well plan the Chicago parade now eh? Any loss is frustrating but cripes some of these posts are ridiculous. (again, not directed at you)

Sure, but how are you going to keep the other team from skating by and blowing on him to knock him over? I really like the kid but good gods I don't believe in, he gets knocked down more than PMB. I think Shephard stayed upright better than Granlund does and he was embarrassingly easy to knock off the puck. Hopefully he gets that figured out. That and has anyone kept track of how many times he gets kicked out of the FO circle? It's unreal. Wonder what he does that constantly gets him booted?
ok Im not out yet, i thought i would be, but i guess I'm not... yeah granny is a featherweight little ****, but i think he still can give better passes when Wild is on PP, otherwise Koivu is much better on 5on5, but that's it... so yeah

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