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Originally Posted by letowskie View Post
Stats tell a different story. EJ is at best a few points per season ahead of phillips in each of his years. The most important thing is that they are both on the same trajectory from their respective rookie performances, roughly flat, zero improvement. Phillips went onto be a decent D, and never achieve much beyond what he was able to the first 6 years.

Thanks, your earlier emoticons were quite cute as well.

It's also funny how you keep talking about how EJ plays when ppl watch him, and his great exploits as a "beast" on ice. And yet through this entire thread, have failed to provide a single SPECIFIC AN CONCRETE instance of how that is not reflected in his stats. You talk more about the other defencemen's skills than you actually comment on EJ's.

And I can assure you that the Avs certainly do care, and given the history of them having Borque and Blake on the same team, they know what a true #1 D looks like on a contender.

RoR is a fine player, certainly worth Gormley. Sure Gormley is a risk, but also still has the potential to be a top pairing D. No one is forcing you to trade RoR, do with it as you will, but know that having three top-2 centers on the same team, and refusing to pay them their fair compensation is what breeds this type of situation that you have with RoR today. If the Avs have a long term view of the team's direction, they would work to use their assets to balance their team out between C and D positions, if their D-corps is really as woeful as you seem to describe it.
So, simply because they both did not improve much after their rookie season, they are comparable players? Great logic there. If you merely think Johnson will be a decent D like Phillips there is no point in talking to you.

Where did I talk about EJ and his great exploits on the ice...? He had an excellent game last night. Don't believe me? Go watch it. I'm sure you can find it. Instead you just constantly belittle EJ.

You don't think a defensmans play is affected by who he plays with? That's like saying a forward won't have his stats affected by his linemates. It matters very much. You're just trying to ignore it because it goes against what you're saying and it's undeniable. A player is affected by the quality of the players around him, and EJ is surrounded by crap. EJ pretty much has to do it all. Despite all your blustering to the contrary, EJ still has a ton of potential, and certainly can, and is, our #1 defensman.

The Avs have shown every indication they are happy with him as their #1 D. I guarantee you they really don't care about the assurances of a Coyotes fan on the Internet, when all evidence from the Avs organization points to the contrary.

If we are trading ROR it is for a defenseman now. We have three good young defenders who also have potential but have proven nothing in Elliot, Barrie, and Siemens. Fair compensation? You think O'Reilly is worth 5m a year? When Benn only got 5.25? He is certainly not. 5m would be a huge overpayment. Do you actually know anything about this situation or not...? And yes, the Avs D is brutal. Go over to the Avs board and ask if you wish. Like I said, keep Gormley with his top pairing potential. We don't want him at the price of O'Reilly.

I really see no point in continuing this conversation.
-Avs are happy with EJ.
-Avs won't trade you O'Reilly for Gormley.

Let's move on.

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