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Originally Posted by HugginThePost View Post
I could be wrong here, but skating to the blue line with arms in the air, dropping to your knees and sliding 100ft while fist pumping could be construed as disrespectful to the guy you just scored on. If you feel differently then I would venture a guess that you never played goal.
If you arbitrarily say that celebration was disrespectful, then every form of celebration of a goal is "disrespectful". High fiving is the same thing only less of it. You could say he celebrated "too much", and noone will argue, but that doesn't make it disrespectful, it just makes him look like a bit of a basket case. Which he kind of is. In a good way.

Originally Posted by HugginThePost View Post
I am not arguing whether what he did was right or wrong....I don't care. Just that there is a double standard when it comes to what is acceptable in celebrations. If Quick had done that, **** would have hit the fan. We have come to expect, and accept, it from the goal scorer, as a goalie I find them all disrespectful.
Goalies do celebrate too, I've seen it after making a save to win the game in the shootout. Racing out and sliding on one knee fist pumping and such. I can't remember specific goalies in specific games to pull up a video, but I've definitely seen it numerous times.

I would say it's what you celebrate that makes a typical celebration disrespectful. For example, celebrating goals when you're blowing out the other team, or celebrating an empty net goal. Or a fight win.

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