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06-27-2006, 08:25 AM
Stone Cutter
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I think that if the offer is good, Bob should pull the trigger. Aebisher is not an happy camper right now. You don't want this in the desssing room during training camp and the initial phase of the season, when the team should be bounding and building their unity. I can understand that some of you are not secure with Huet and is short succes story. However, as we have seen last season, good chemistry and team spirit is a more and more important component of a winning team.

Also, lets be honnest here, by signing Huet yesturday, Bob commitited the team to play him as our #1 next season... Therefore, he will be provided every chances to proves that last season washn't a flash in the pan. Therefore, why should we keep and expensive backup that most certainly will not be provided that #1 job? It basicaly like Theo last season, he wasn't playing that good all season, but they kept playing him because he was hearning the big $ and that he was our #1. It's not until January that Huet was provided with the real chance to step up. Expect the same next season if Huet has an average start... They will play him as much a possible...

To me Danis as #2 to Huet is more then ok and could step up as #1 if need be for a short time. While he does not have Aebisher experience, he's much less expensive and will embrace his chance to stick with the big club (ie. will not complain). I beleive that he's ready to make the jump and... well he can't be sent to Hamilton without clearing waiver anyway. Bottom line is that we have three goalies... one needs to go. Aebischer make more sens then the others.

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