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Originally Posted by ck26 View Post
And what happens if the LA Galaxy soccer team wins the next 4 MLS titles, then moves to England and wins the Premier League? You can't just throw that hypothetical out there ... that's two HUGE what-ifs. It's well documented that "A>B and B>C therefore A>C" doesn't work in fighting, but Jones has cleaned out a division that Anderson has only dipped his toe into.
Anderson has done things to guys that make me think he has a very reasonable chance of beating Jones, who has smoked everyone at 205. Now granted Jones would be favored (my guess is somewhere around -170), but it would not shock me to see Anderson win that fight. We already saw Anderson beat Hendo (who is arguably the number one contender), so I don't think it's THAT far of a leap. Again, I'm not saying Anderson needs to do this, but if he wants big fights then this path certainly fits that.

OK, then Cain Velasquez is the greatest fighter of all time. Check back in January 2017 if you disagree.
Yeah I would say he's the best fighter on the planet right now. And since HW was never that strong you could say he's the greatest figher of all-time. I'm sure many feel it would be Fedor, but my guess is Cain beats him, so...

Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
Most people say "Pound for Pound" greatest of all time in Mixed Martial arts. Which he has a fair argument for.
Oh, very fair. I honestly think you'd have to give it to him. He's not as dominant as GSP, but his finishing ability sets him apart. Personally I'd say Jones is the best P4P, but I understand the longevity factor so I have no problem with Anderson.

In any case, It is a sport and they have weight classes for a reason. In a fixed environment like a cage with rules, we know who the best fighters are. A ring was much different and favored a different kind of fighter.

In a street fight with no rules and weight classes, we have no idea since we don't know how those big heavyweights would like a speedy Silva smashing them between the legs with kicks, and how they would react to biting and eye gouging and small joint manipulation(not to mention throat shots). Not to mention stomps and soccer kicks if he dropped them first.

All we see is how athletes adapt to fighting in specific circumstances, but we will never see the best fighter in the world
Sure, I guess my point is you can't say Anderson is the greatest fighter ever if a number of HWs would beat him. We can only go by the rules these fighters follow, and using those as the guideline my guess is there are several HWs that beat Anderson, and Jones very likely could as well, so therefore they are better fighters. If some journeyman HW like Duffee say would easily dispose of Aldo, then he's the better fighter, because he would win that fight. I've never been overly concerned with P4P, but I know a lot of people are, and that's fine.

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