Thread: Post-Game Talk: Senators @ Lightning 6-4 loss
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01-25-2013, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by 18Hossa View Post
I've noticed this a lot lately, bishop doesn't elevate his game, He may have been outstanding in the ahl in the past but I have not seen him improve one bit.
lol... where the **** did you see that? He played 1 freaking NHL game this season...

Originally Posted by Benny FTW View Post
Phillips and Gonchar i have no problem with. However I have a problem with them playing together. They just do not work together.


Bishop wasn't great but he had 0 luck as well. Just not a game for goalies.

Spezza needs to show up 5 on 5. Hes not generating much offense.

Turris continues to be our best forward.
Sums up my thoughts exactly. All (the reality) has been said in this post.

Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
**** trading for a dman, the weakest link on D right now is Philips and he aint going no where.
All your recent posts are about craping on Phillips, but seriously I think he saved more goals so far this season than goals that were scored when he was on the ice.

Do you seriously expect D-men to never be on the ice when the other team scores?

I wish we could talk with PM and other coaching staff after the game and ask them specific questions... You'd be very surprised by their answers on Phillips. Not every D-man is Erik Karlsson and plays the same style or looks the same doing it. Just like not every forward is Daniel Alfredsson and plays the same style or looks the same doing it.

Finally, I'd like to know HOW exactly can Phillips prevent goals that are scored from screens, "eyes shots", pinballs, etc.

I'm looking at the highlights again... You guys seriously need to watch slowly and closely what happened. Hard to blame Phillips/Gonchar and even Bishop on most goals...

I'm not sure if you have any idea on how fast the NHL game is played... Stamkos is a 60 goals scorer, how do you exactly prevent him to jump on the rebound without taking a penalty? And all those deflections, screens and pinball lucky bounces, how do you prevent them?

You guys are biased to an extreme. It has to stop somewhere.

Originally Posted by R2010 View Post
This board is a bit hilarious.

3 of the goals on bishop were clearly not his fault.

As a goalie and a goalie coach I tried to sit back and analyze Ben Bishop a bit for this game. I don't think that he played particularly poorly.

The last goal was unstoppable, maybe he could have more quickly gotten across but I doubt it. The one before that was a tip which could of been played better if he was a bit more square but frankly it was such a poor play by our Dman that there's not the same time to get set up. The first goal was a scramble which may have been handled better. The Hedman slap shot was a perfect screen that I doubt if Anderson or Lehner would of stopped.

If any goalie stopped that last shot it would of been fluke not skill.
Exactly, as a long time goalie myself, only thing is that he played a bit too far in his net and was battling the puck a bit (rebound control). He wasn't on his A game that's for sure, but it's hard to expect everyone to be ready to rock the world right of the gate. Lundqvist sucked in his first game too

And even then, 3 goals? Outside of the 1st where he just couldn't freeze the puck, hard to stop any of those :

- 2nd : he made a nice save on a point blank shot, 60 goal scorer jumped on the rebound very fast
- 3rd : He got perfectly screened by Jim O'brien (unfortunately)
- 4th : Perfect tip by Malone, likely impossible to stop
- 5th : pinball bounce, puck went the other way all of sudden, of course he was out of position.

People should try to see the game from the other team's perspective a bit... St-Louis, Stamkos, Lecavalier and crew made some really nice plays. They are hard to stop. It's not because X or Y sucks, it's because they play against NHL superstars

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