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01-25-2013, 11:21 PM
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This game was about Datsyuk looking like the guy we expect him to be more than anything else. That said, the inability to trust our PK to our D and grinders is going to cost us. Pavel and Z spent waaaay too much time out on the PK tonight. They made some good plays, but they should not be out there in non 5-3, end of game/playoff situations. We need to conserve them for ES and the PP, since we rely heavily on them for offense. Babcock knows this, and yet they are still out there ALL THE TIME on the PK right now. Tells you what the coach really thinks of our D core and PK at the moment.

Quick Question: Did anybody notice Smith taking stupid chances with the puck at the offensive blueline with around 2:30 left? Wings had sustained pressure, and Smith had the puck and tried to dance around one guy at the offensive blueline to hold it in. It could have easily been poked off his stick and led to a breakaway the other way. I'm all for being yourself, but you have a 2 goal lead with 2:30 left and you are dangeously wheeling around like that? Jesus, be smarter.Then he jumped in deep looking for a seam pass. It was, dare I say, Ozolinsh-like. KNOW THE SITUATION. /end rant.

Other thoughts:
-Huskins looks solid in the 5-6 role. Lashoff appears to be holding on admirably, but this guy is going to get exposed sooner rather than later. Lets hope our guys heal before the magic runs out.
-Kindl had some terrible turnovers, but lets give him some more time before we render a final judgment on him with this team.
-Cleary really does look done. His stupid penalty in the third made me very angry.

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