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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
O'k, why is he the right coach for the Pens?
I'll be the first to say I don't know the most about schemes and such, I do think he is quirky with lines and how he jumbles them desperately searching game to game, but I still think he does an alright job. He doesn't really let lines set and chemistry build because of this, it just seems like a neverending search. Some of that is on Shero though for not having a competent top 6. 1 or 2/6 does not belong from game to game, and ultimately makes lines ineffective at times. I just don't think we should be calling for a coaching change 4 games into the season especially after we handled Philly and NYR. YES, we have had early playoff exits the past few years, but let's just wait a little while before we call for something of this magnitude. EDIT: I agree with the post below, just don't want to clutter. He doesn't seem to fix problems very well. I think defensive performance is better than it was last half of last season, but layout wise it isn't any better.

And yes I know I was quick on the trigger if any of you remember about moving Tangradi down after the first game, but that's an uneffective player, not the head coach who has a cup and has been to the playoffs every year of his tenure here.

I know it's easy to win with the players we have, and I'm not going to be able to point out what exactly is a coaching mishap and what is "our players are playing like ****", but I just don't think we need to call for change so early into a season with a week long training camp and a bunch of rusty players.

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