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01-25-2013, 11:54 PM
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Finally broke the seal on the power play, no shorties allowed and only gave up 1 PP goal against- nice on all fronts.

Outhit and blocked more shots than the Wild by a significant margin... tried to make up for it by having twice as many giveaways.

The D-men played better, Smith seems to be gaining a little confidence, Q was better, and Kindl was better than I expected him to be in his first game (can't believe he knocked someone down)

Yep, the Nose still plays.

Helm and Tootoo need to play on the same line, Cleary really doesn't need to play at all, and Howard was good when he had to be.

What power forward in the league wouldn't want to play with Datsyuk? Good Lord, if he can make Bert look that good at times, imagine if we could somehow land a younger, more consistent guy to play on his wing? Bert played well today, but I don't expect it to last b/c it never does.

Originally Posted by JmanWingsFan View Post
Really lovin' Lashoff (eat crow haters), and Huskins is still doin' his invisible thang.
Come on Jman, who can honestly say that they hate Lashoff? I think you have to be really good, once good but now terrible, or overrated to be hated. Hating Lashoff is like hating Delaware... who goes to the bar with his buddies and says "hey, you guys wanna know what REALLY chaps my hide? Delaware."

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