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Originally Posted by 3rdMangHigh View Post
So you feel qualified to tell everyone how Dougie's career will turn out yet you have no idea how assists are handed out?
Don't start Trouble. Hamilton is going to have a better career than Wideman. Get used too it. Last time i checked, no one was ever compared Wdeman too Orr or Rob Blake. So because some of you guys have been around hockey than me and know more about the game, doesn't give me a right to comment on a player.GTFO. Maybe i should ask you if i should make a thread too. I have been a hockey fan for 9 to 10 years. I'm no newbie. If by me asking questions to better my knowledge makes some people think i dont now the game, then i stop asking questions.

We all having fun and some people had too bring up Wideman and compare him too Dougie. Wideman sticks. Glad to have Dougie on my team. Is Wideman even still with the capitals

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