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01-26-2013, 12:00 AM
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There were a lot of minuses for the individual players, but the main things that made me rage tonight were the ridiculous number of turnovers and those God damn stupid stretch passes that kept getting intercepted.

Bylsma, adjust your ****ing strategy when it's not working! Those stretch passes didn't work once.

Individually, it's good to see Sid's 2 goal effort, but other than that our offensive weapons looked really bad. A lot of turnovers, very little creativity, and a bunch of shots that went directly into the shin pads of the Jets' defensemen.

Letang had a pretty poor game, I thought. He seemed kind of slow, for some reason. Usually his skating allows him to separate and give himself some room, but it seemed like he could never get past a Jet forechecker.

To those folks who insist we have enough offense and there's no need for top six winger help, note this: In three of the four games this season, we've only managed to score two goals on opposition goalies (Philly saw an empty netter make the final 3-1). Only in the Rangers game were we able to score more than 2 goals on a goalie.

You're not winning too many games if you're scoring 2 goals per game, especially when your defense (team, not just the 6 man unit) is turning over the puck constantly and giving up 3+ goals per game.

Strangely enough, despite that long diatribe, I'm not all that upset. Not as much as the Leaf game. Primarily it's because hopefully Shero will see that the current roster isn't good enough to go all the way, and the more these glaring holes keep costing games, the more likely he'll address the issues.

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