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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
What controversy ?
Sorry I thought it had been posted on this board earlier ...

Here is a post from the Maritimes Board ...

"Re: Hozjan ... he was ultimately traded to R-N. Well, apparently he has decided to go home for at least the rest of the season, and possibly for good - he had suffered a knee injury earlier, and apparently he feels it is not fully healed. To make the story even more juicy, accusations are flying back and forth between the player, R-N and Rimouski as to his medical condition, who disclosed what, and who concealed what. It is alleged that his injury was worse than the Oceanic let on, and that when he returned to action shortly before the trade deadline, he was getting his knee frozen to play ... something that continued once he got to R-N. The kid is claiming his medical interests are not being looked after and that the team is pressuring him to play hurt ... R-N is claiming Rimouski never mentioned he needed to freeze his knee to play ... and Rimouski is claiming they sent his medical file to the Huskies, and that the Huskies did not bother to have their medical staff speak directly to Oceanic medical staff about his condition. Oh, and Hozjan is apparently pissed that Rimouski traded him and doesn't want to play in R-N ...

End of the day, R-N has lost their #1 goalie for the rest of the season and are left with a 17 y/o Belanger. Compensation from Riki is being demanded ...
So there you have it ... He is also not on any active roster in the Q anymore.

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