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01-26-2013, 12:09 AM
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Will the Devils ever get any love?

Maybe I'm just speaking as a biased fan, but I feel that other team's fans also agree with me...

The Devils really get no love (as of recent years as I can tell). At all. From anyone. Whether it be analysts or Gary Bettman, I just feel as if everyone has it out for NJ. Almost every year we are predicted to be mediocre, and then we surprise (like last year). And then this year, we lose Parise and so we "must" not make the playoffs, impossible. Well so far we are 3-0, and sure it isn't the prettiest wins, but it's still the only undefeated Eastern team record left.

Only 3 goals against in 3 games, compared to other team's 12 and such. Defensively I think we are going to be pretty good, including the room to bring up young D, for injury (knock on wood we have none), and to trade our more veteran-like players.

Sure, it's only 3 games in and anything can happen, but I just feel no love is ever given. Maybe I'm wrong. And if I am, feel free to correct me.

Oh, and don't get me started on Barry Melrose....

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