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01-26-2013, 12:21 AM
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May be it's rotten hockey equipment?

I do get what you're saying and sadly it's the only thing DRW forumites can agree on.

I felt so horrible for Cleary when he took that penalty...I was also in shock.. I thought "what in the hell are you doing??". He got 2 minutes for humping at a very stupid time of the game. Dan was *****ing at the reff and I could feel his frustration. Bertuzzi comes back just flying, almost scores a hat trick, and yet Cleary's body won't do what he wants it to. Sounds petty but he was jealous and frustrated. I see him trying but it's not happening right now. If he should be on the 4th line Sunday, that's how we have to roll.

Cleary may not be around in the future but we must have some respect for his time served. He's been legendary. He played professional hockey for 19 years and the body is failing some.

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