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01-26-2013, 12:23 AM
5 cups pls
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Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
I know, I wish they'd just have the camera from the top of the 100s on all the time. I have no use for the cameras by the boards.

Bylsma is a smart coach, probably the smartest in the league IMO. He exploited our weaknesses relentlessly last season, including back door play (Pavelec comes out too far and isn't good side to side), run and gun with lots of odd man rushes, smothering the puck carrier as soon as they cross the blue line (they never wait for reinforcements or do the pass across the blue line) etc..

I'm really looking forward to playing you guys again, to see what the coaches come up with.
Well, I think the reason some of us are so frustrated is the way you beat us is the exact same way several other teams owned us, including but not limited to: Philadelphia in the playoffs, the Islanders at the end of last season, Ottawa (spectacularly) last season, think the Leafs did it 3 times last year, though they might have only won one of those due to their horrible PK...

We've seen this exact game played before, DB has had about 7 months to do nothing but think about how to counter this approach...and we just watched ourselves beaten by the same x and o counter we saw about 12 times last year and did not see any course correction.

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