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01-26-2013, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Marky has set Pax up a couple of times with shocking passes. And Pax is not one timing them. He's too surprised the puck is on his stick. You can see Pax has to get used to it!

Slightly OT but the other thing is this trading places Marky and Diaz are doing on the PP, as they slowly move toward net and screw up the box. It's just amazing to see and I wonder if it is Diaz, Marky or the coaches who suggested this. I think it might be Diaz. Tip passing as well, in tight.

Diaz looks so aggressive, and square to the puck, and fast in passing and shooting, it's amazing to see. What happened to this guy?
probably both, while Markov always loved to have a shooter on his right, he had no problem adapting to Diaz (wich is a sign aof a very good player) who doesnt have much of a shot (at least not a Souray or MaB shot).

While they've setup the pair on the blue line, doubt coaching staff have much to do with how they're playing, being so smooth with the puck and trading places isnt something you can really teach.

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